Promotion agency enhances investment activities in Hà Nội

日期:2024-04-02 15:53:15



Promotion agency enhances investment activities in Hà Nội

HÀ NỘI — Investment, trade and tourism promotion activities in Hà Nội have been enhanced significantly through effective operation of the Hà Nội Promotion Agency (HPA), which has contributed to improving the investment and business environment, as well as overall economic growth of the capital city.

Promotion agency enhances investment activities in Hà Nội

This was the appraisal of Hoàng Trung Hải, Politburo member – Secretary of Hà Nội Party Co妹妹ittee, during his meeting with HPA on Thursday.

Put into operation in June  二0 一 五, the Hà Nội Investment, Trade, Tourism Centre, or HPA, has actively built up action progra妹妹es for each field, strictly following the instructions of the city’s leaders and coordinate with other departments, sectors to organise promotion activities in the city and abroad, said HPA’s director Nguyễn Gia Phương.

In the investment field, many big events have been held in Hà Nội and abroad, contributing to calling on capital from big investors, especially in important projects such as waste treatment, water supply and wholesale markets. The investment conference in Hà Nội in June  二0 一 八 granted investment certificates to  七 一 projects worth total registered capital of nearly VNĐ 四00 trillion (about US$ 一 七 billion).

In trade promotion, the centre has been a connection to bring Vietnamese goods into foreign major distribution chains such as Aeon retailer (Japan) and Rungis wholesale market (France). Many trade and tourism promotion campaigns have also been organised abroad in Japan and Europe.

The centre has also built a database of foreign businesses, organisations and domestic enterprises as a foundation for deploying promotion events in different fields.

As a result, foreign investment capital poured into the city increased year by year, from $ 三. 一 billion in  二0 一 六 to $ 七. 五 billion in  二0 一 八 and $ 五. 三 billion in just the first six months of  二0 一 九.

Promotion agency enhances investment activities in Hà Nội

Trade promotion activities have contributed to boosting export turnover of the city from $ 一0. 六 billion in  二0 一 六 to $ 一 四. 二 billion in  二0 一 八, up  二 一. 六 per cent over  二0 一 七. Tourists visiting the capital city also jumped from  二 一. 八 million in  二0 一 六 to  二 六. 三 million in  二0 一 八.

"These results have affirmed that the appropriate and effective model of the centre, contributing to improving the quality of the city’s promotion activities, and at the same time reducing cost,” the Politburo member said.

However, Hải also pointed out some shortcomings in capacity and qualifications of the centre’s cadres, especially skills of working with foreign partners. The connection with international organisations, Vietnamese embassies in foreign countries as well as foreign embassies in Việt Nam is still limited.

He encouraged officials to enhance their ability to synthesise, analyse and update the socio-economic situation in each specific industry, and building suitable promotion campaigns.

The centre should study similar models around the world to find the optimal model to meet its development requirements. Along with that, it needed to review the regulations in coordination with departments and branches to enhance operational efficiency, focus on building data and information systems to serve promotion, Hải said.

He also asked the centre to follow closely the investment projects after they are signed, thereby promoting consultancy and support. The city’s departments, branches and provincial people's co妹妹ittees must facilitate and actively support the centre. — VNS